Choosing The Best Software Supplier (s) In A Few Steps

Your business is growing. With this growth, you notice that processes become more complicated or that it is more difficult to gain insight into figures. Automating processes can help enormously. Software is needed to automate these processes. Software not only automates processes, but also provides insight into what is going well and less well in your organization. That can be of great value to be able to grow or to continue to grow. How do you choose the right software that suits your company? Software that takes the work out of your hands instead of having to go the extra mile to use it?

Which products can a software supplier deliver?

Software companies can provide standard and / or customized solutions. Which solution you prefer depends on your wishes. This can be an app, a link between programs that you use, software that automates your logistics process or a reporting tool that provides insight into data available in your organization. There are even more possibilities within software solutions .

Whatever you need, there are likely to be several vendors offering similar software. How do you choose a reliable software supplier that also delivers good quality?

Finding the right supplier: tips

  1. What should the software help me with?

Briefly describe the problem you are facing and what the software should solve for you. Write down everything that comes to mind. It is not a problem if there are several issues that you encounter. You can then divide all points by priority; which things you must have and which things are nice to have, but not necessarily necessary.

A good situation sketch helps you to look critically at all possible solutions. This makes it easier to choose the solution that suits your company.

  1. Do not only search on Google, but also think of local providers

Large companies dominate Google’s search results, while it is sometimes more pleasant to do business with a nearby company. Just because they aren’t at the top of Google doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

  1. Ask others which supplier they recommend

Do not hesitate to ask around to other (local) entrepreneurs, your family, circle of acquaintances or sports association with which software supplier they have good experiences. They may have more tips for you.

  1. Talk to multiple suppliers about the options

First make a rough list of all possible suppliers. The size of the list of possible suppliers depends entirely on your problem and how many companies have written software solutions for it. Then delve deeper into the company and the software they provide. You could answer the following questions:

  • What are the functionalities of the software I want to purchase?
  • What are the experiences of others with this supplier?
  • Is the supplier reliable?
  • What is the quality of what the supplier offers, compared to competitors?
  • What price does the supplier use and is this comparatively high or low within the sector?
  • How soon can the supplier deliver the software?
  • Is it possible to pay in installments?